Becoming stools

I had a lot of fun last week making little models, I really love making things with my hand and I try to work in that way as much as possible.

After previous experiments and try-outs I figured out that the product that I was going to make was a stool. This week I focused on coming up with simple metal frame where the weaving strips could be stretched over in a very simple way. I was inspired by the pictured from Manchay that our ambassadors over there Anne-Fleur, Natalie and Romy took for me. I could see that there is a lot of dust and neutral colors but they seem to like bright colors so you can see colors popping up here and there. I really liked that. I also sow from the pictures that all things like furniture are made to be efficient and functional. Because of this I felt that the design should also be efficient and functional. I did some scale models to try out the shapes and trying out different thicknesses of the weaving strips. I ended up with two stools that I think will be the best choose to go from here (the ones I am holding) and I am planing to continue working on them further this week. I am also going to keep on going with weaving experiment this week. What I hope for right now is that this will be at the end one stool frame and then three different kinds of colored weaving making this a nice series. I’ll keep you posted.

Becoming stools

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