The journey continues

festinga prufur-01

This week I made some models in real life scale from plastic tubes, they are a bit thicker then the metal would be but gives a good enough impression. I always find it very helpful to do this to get a real feeling for the proportions, shape and size of the furniture. It can also tell a lot about how difficult it is to make with the real material. I think I have a pretty good idea about the metal frame at this point and next I would like to see it in metal!

I made a almost real try out with the weaved plastic strips, the weaving technic that I am using is very simple and simple tool are used that can easily be made with laser-cutter to produce tools for the weaving women in Manchay. The plastic waste yarn that I had was thicker then I used before and did not work as well but good enough for this try out. Took me with my pour weaving skills couple of hours to produce one strip but I am pretty sure that the weavers are much faster and better at this then I am. I only used the plastic waste yarn this time but the idea is to mix the wool yarn that they usually use with the plastic waste yarn, you can see those experiments earlier on this blog.

I also started making some sketches of possible connection parts for the weaving strip that I would like to be produced from recycles plastic as well but we have to see if that works out. At least it has to be neat and work as a natural part of the weaving strip.

I think the design of the stool is coming a long great and I am looking forward to keep on going and seeing this project becoming reality!


The journey continues

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