Finally some colors


Last week I started to play with the colours of the plastic. I want to make three different colored belts so I have three different kinds of stools to make a serie. I thought it would be nice to try to use all the colors that are most common for the plastic waste yarn, the transparent one, blue and green. The idea was to use normal yarn with the plastic yarn in the weaving and I decided to use acrylic yarn so the whole stool can easily be recycled again.

I used patterns and weavings from the area as gridlines for choosing the colors together. I ended up with the colors green, blue and pink as the final chose of acrylic with the plastic yarn and just like the base of weavings that you see on the picture above the base of the stool (the frame) will be white as well.

I made some try outs with the width of the belt and it turns out that three belt are going to turn out the best both for the look and it’s better for the weaving work. There was more curve then I thought there would be in the frame but it actually turned out great! Now the belts goes down the curve giving it a bit of a different look and gives it more body. I also did some try out with the connection part, we are going to see if we can make this part ourselfs also from recycled material but we will see next week if it works out. Otherwise it will be out of metal.

A lot of things got solved this week and I am happy with the progress.

Finally some colors

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