Weavings, weaving, weavings.


After finally deciding on the colors of the acrylic yarn that I want to use with the plastic yarn I went for a hunt to find the these colors in the right weight. I only found green that is both right color and thickness but I bought some similar colors in similar thickness to keep on working. I’ve also been in contact with our contact person in Peru to find the yarn over there as well for the production.


My main focus now has been figuring out the weavings, how to involve the acrylic yarn so it both looks right and can be done pretty fast. It’s been extremely frustrating to make these try out because it’s slow and I don’t like slow. I could only manage to do three of these try outs in one day and some of them didn’t even work well enough to be photographed. I was pretty sure that making it in stripe pattern would work the best but after some try outs it was really not working out for numbers of┬áreasons. After taking a break from it for couple of days (I was pissed off and didn’t want to look at it) it finally started to make sense again. I found out that the best way would be to have it completely weaved in the plastic waste yarn, acrylic yarn or with very big stripes. Then I also tried to weave plastic yarn and acrylic yarn at the same time that gave me some new different results and it was a faster process. It also gave me more abstract pattern, underlining the craftsmanship instead of trying to make something perfect that was never going to be perfect.

The problem was though that I knew it would look completely different as three belts on a stool comparison to my small samples. But due to how long it takes me to make them I couldn’t really try it out. So my solution was to spray paint the frame and then just photoshopping the weaving samples and print them out on paper just to give me some idea of what would actually work together. It looks pretty crappy but it did give me a pretty clear idea of how it would work. At the end I think the the weavings with the plastic waste yarn and acrylic yarn weaved at the same time is going to give the best result. It looks like a new material and it works well together.

This has been such a big heavy step to figure out that I feel like I am on cloud nine right now. Pheww. Now I can finally keep on going.

Next week I should get the tools to make the first real belt and I will be looking into more final detailing. It feels like it’s all coming together.

Weavings, weaving, weavings.